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What is the IMLS Framework?

IMLS stands for Information Management and Learning Services, a framework provided by the Department for Education to enable schools and local authorities to procure their school MIS (the ‘Information Management’ reference), and Learning Platform (or ‘Learning Services’).

The IMLS Framework has been created to enable a simple, legally compliant and cost effective method for the procurement of these systems.


The framework was, in large part, created in response to the 2005 and 2010 “School management information systems and value for money” reports. Both reports found that the school MIS market was:

The 2010 report found that more than £550m is likely to be spent during the current parliament, and recommended that enabling an effective MIS market was a priority to ensure that schools got value for money.

Download the Becta report September 2010

In contrast, there are many suppliers of Learning Platforms in the UK. The inclusion of Learning Services on this framework has been widely viewed as a practical step to update the 2006 framework which has now lapsed.

Further information

For further information on the IMLS Framework visit one of the following sites.

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